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About the Foundation

The Foundation is designed to bridge the resource gap between PTA/Fulton County capabilities and what is needed to offer our children extraordinary, relevant and innovative educational opportunities. Foundation resources come from the establishment of mutually beneficial partnerships with parents, faculty, private and business community sectors, government and other foundations.

By working to raise awareness and support for the school, we engage our greater community and are able to provide exciting resources to the students and teachers.

By following through on the Foundation mission and principles, we know that we will be able to make a thoughtful impact on Spalding Drive Elementary.

Our mission

Spalding Drive Charter Foundation is a Georgia non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing resources to Spalding Drive staff and students in order to facilitate the creation of critical thinkers, problem solvers, and societal leaders.

Guiding Principles

We believe our children deserve the best possible education. Therefore we will provide resources that enhance the learning environment.

We believe long-term stakeholder involvement is key to our success. Therefore we will dedicate ourselves to building mutually beneficial community partnerships.

We believe in preparing our students for the future. Therefore we will provide new and innovative resources to the students and staff.

What's the difference between the PTA and the Founation?

Many people are unclear as to the differences between the PTA and Foundation. Both organizations work together throughout the year toward a common goal - the betterment of our children’s education, but each organization has a separate focus and is governed differently.

The following chart outlines these differences:

PTA Foundation
Purpose Provides an environment which invites parents and families to become involved in the education process. Plays major role in getting information to parents and supporting school programs. Provides leadership and resources to bridge the gap between Fulton County/PTA capabilities and what is needed to provide extraordinary educational opportunities.
Organization & Governance Part of State and National PTA governed by National PTA by-laws. Independent organization governed by its own by-laws.
Fundraising Governed through by-laws that determine fundraising parameters, including how funds are implemented into programs. No restrictions on fundraising. Funding decisions guided by Foundation Board with teacher and administrative input.
Applying resources Majority of funds raised must be spent in the year in which they are raised. Funds extra-curricular activities, teacher appreciation programs, academic support programs and communication support programs. Can carry over funds from one year to the next, enabling provision of long term needs (i.e. technology investment, staff development, educational programs and enhancements) over a period spanning multiple school years.

The Foundation's biggest asset is its flexibility. As an independent organization, governed by its own by-laws, the Foundation has much greater flexibility in both securing and applying resources making it ideally suited to provide funding for long-term or high-ticket items. Both PTA and the Foundation serve vital roles in providing the best possible educational opportunities for our children.

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